Some pictures from Turkey

Again we were quite lucky with the weather. From the 1st we could fly for 4 days in various regions around Ankara. First day we went southwest, then west, then north and finally southeast.

Especially in the north the flying was very difficult. Steep mountains with strong wind(shear) made for 100% focus.
In the west we flew right over one of the biggest mountains in Turkey.

All that’s is left now is to finish the project in the west before heading home.
Every day we check the weather and are ready to go.


After a short test flight in marginal VFR with an Iraq style bad weather circuit, an ILS approach in shitty weather in Dresden and a nice night flight from Arad with a textbook approach over nightly Ankara, safely in my hotel bed, ready for the Turkey project.
Wish me blue skies and glitch free equipment!


1976 Piper Chieftain PA31-350


Total time


Right Engine

Type: LTIO-540-J2BD

TSMOH: 1903 (2160 TBO)
Serial No.: L-2040-68A

Left Engine

Type: LTIO-540-J2BD

TSMOH: 988 (2160 TBO)
Serial No.: L-8078-61A

Type: Hartzell HC-E3YR-2A

Right: 147
Left: 147


Garmin GNS430

Garmin GTX330D Transponder
Garmin GMA430 Audio
Bendix/King KX-165A COM 2/NAV 2

Bendix/King KR-87 ADF

Bendix/King KN-64 DME

Century Flight Systems Type 41 Digital Autopilot

Fuelscan 450M Fuel Computer

Kannad 406AF ELT
Encoding altimeter


2008 White & Green paint
Good condition 8.5/10


Dual floor hatches:
Front: 50x50x21cm (round)

Rear: 57x51x21cm (square)

3 x integrated Bose ANR plugs


Nayak auxiliary nacelle tanks 2 x 27USG

BLR vortex generators – MTOW 7368 lbs

Full De-Ice

Electric trim

Avionics master

OY-CKR data sheet.pdf