If anything

My experience with RW showed me that I really have to post more on my blog. If I don’t, the website that he made and posts multiple fake reactions with WordPress accounts he made up on, gets a higher ranking than my own!

Since January I have really ignored him completely and that will be what I will do from now on.

If anyone at all is reading this, haha, please just leave a small comment below so this blog gets boosted above. Even if it’s just a dot.

One of the reasons that I haven’t posted much is ironically the reason why his fake website is on top, to not put everything online publicly. What I didn’t want to do is put random articles about aviation because there is enough of that already.
I will try to make some posts about my career which is progressing at a nice rate, but I might be vague about who I work for or what registration the plane is for the privacy of my clients.

Thanks all for your trust and cooperation. Anyone who knows me doesn’t have a doubt that the first search result is a page full of digested food.

Let’s get cracking!


4 thoughts on “If anything

  1. Go for it!


  2. Better to B urself 🙂


  3. Good luck with the job 😉


  4. Good luck with the job


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