India, over and out!

The flight today was quite boring actually.

I left a little late from the hotel, but it’s only 5 minutes driving from the airport. The night before I arrived quite late and by the time I got to bed, without even doing my paperwork, it was 2 AM again.

5 and a 1/2 hours later I was up again and at the airport just before 9. Again things went very smooth, passport stamp, security and into the van.
As we approached the plane a long forgotten and very rare beauty caught my eye. Last night in the darkness I completely missed a former Conair and Laker Airways Boeing 720 rotting away just meters behind me.  She must be one of the last 720’s on the planet that is still complete. They told me she needed a repair but it was not economically viable to do it in Nagpur, so they left it (Laker I believe). Sad end!

Anyway, while I was waiting for the clearance I did the preflight and got ready.

Anyone could see it was hazy, but after getting airborne it was abundantly clear I wouldn’t have much to look at during this flight. At FL110 I was barely above the inversion and below it smoke, dust, sand and other crap was trapped underneath it.

This went on all the way to Dhaka. Whatever, at least it was a smooth ride with tailwinds again. I’ll get another chance to look at India someday. So all I did was read my book basically. Not much to write here!

From now on I just set her up for a max power (20.5″), 2400RPM and 12 GPH cruise. With the tailwinds that gave me a fuel economy of 14 MPG, not bad! This flight looked quite tight on paper but I landed with 18 USG left in the tanks, good for about 1 1/2 hour.

Again border crossing went without issue and soon after entering Bangladesh I was able to descend for a VOR DME ILS approach on RWY 14 in Dhaka. They had to fit me in between the big jets as usual but it all worked out very smooth. Hats off to the Bangladeshi controllers 🙂

I parked on stand 18 giving me block time of 4 hours and 24 minutes. Not spectacular but I can call it a day.

The handler was again waiting (I’m going to stop repeating this now, nice) and getting out the airport was an absolute pleasure. The crew card also helped (thanks MM).

I made it to the hotel nice and early at 5 PM and had more than enough time to update the GPS (there was no pacific region, good thing I checked before going to Thailand) and do some needed paperwork and route planning.

A nice BBQ grilled fresh fish on the rooftop made the evening whole and now it’s time for some RnR.

Tomorrow should take me to Rayong, lets see!


3 thoughts on “India, over and out!

  1. Nice and interesting trip Martijn 😉


  2. Wow, I can’t imagine what it’s like to fly over India. I just started taking flight lessons myself and have never been out of the US. Is it much different than the states?


    • Well I guess it depends a bit on the type of flying. My first day there, or rather night, it was obviously dark and I was flying IFR. So basically I just its just talking to ATC and flying the plane. The day after I was flying above quite a steong inversion with so much dust and gumidity under it. All in all I didn’t see India really. Im sure when you fly low level VFR its a whole different experience.


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