Hello Dubai, hello Bonanza!


Back on track

After 2 weeks of silence it’s time to continue my trip to Manila. For now I’ll leave the delay reasons hanging until I can get a clear view on all the facts, but the post on that should prove interesting.

Anyway, after a smooth flight from Brussels and a lengthy delay to find a bed due to a communication error I had a short rest in downtown Deira, which looks like ‘little India’.

Today I spent scouring town to look for a GPS tracker and fuel siphon hose. I found neither but I did find some sort of fluid pump that doesn’t require me sucking on a hose and looks like it can be attached to a barrel.


After leaving the hotel I went to pick up the airplane key at my friends’ house and heard some more good news (more on that later)!

This time I wanted to get to the hotel nice and early so I took a taxi to the hotel in Fujairah around 3.

Tomorrow at 7AM I’ll be assisted by a Jetex employee for my departure to Karachi. This leg will be one of two legs with a significant amount of time over water. Good to know I’ll have done 50% of the open water flying on the first leg 😛 Even better is it looks like I have a nice tailwind all the way!

After Karachi I’m flying over to Ahmedabad with the night stop at Nagpur. The weather on these legs is also looking quite good. With a new support team and these conditions the trip is off to a promising start!

Time for some needed rest now, hopefully my next entry will be from an Indian IP!


3 thoughts on “Hello Dubai, hello Bonanza!

  1. It is very common in DXB. Every time you are arriving around midnight, there are some holdings.


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    Off again..


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