On we go! Until the sun goes down…

The plan was to have an early start. In the hotel lobby at 6. However, the room I had was very hot even though it wasn’t even warm outside. It had to try and sleep with the window open letting all the noise in from the busy street below. I must have struggled to sleep for a long time because I slept right through my alarm. 20 past 6 the receptionist woke me up and I hurried downstairs.

@ the airport I paid the hefty 400 euro bill and soon was on my way. Weather was good and even quite nice as I was just 50ft above an overcast layer on cruise (video coming).


I got a lot of “direct to’s ” so that cut off some good time.


Unfortunately after landing, there was as issue to confirm wether or not there would be AVGAS at Erzurum. After 3 hours it turned out they “found some in the city” and I was good to go. As I wanted to start there were more issues with the permits and even after starting to taxi it took a full 20 minutes to get airborne.


On top of that I noticed the door wasn’t fully closed and in an attempt to get it closed (which works on a 210) things only got worse. Turns out the pressure differential is way greater in the Bonanza. Too much air was flowing out to close it. I slowed the plane to 80knots (at FL130) and managed to close the lower pin again.


This and the fact it was now soon getting dark made me decide to divert to Sivas for a safe landing. Flying in the dark under MSA with broken cloud cover? Nah.


So I ended up in expensive hotel in Sivas because the town is fully booked for some political campaign event.

Here I am now in the lobby at 5:15AM waiting for the handling agent to pick me up. Today should be VFR to Erzurum and also on to Teheran and Kuwait. If the permits come through.
But it’s friday (prayer day) and I believe a national holiday in Iran….


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