Off I go!

The first day took me from Maribor to Bucharest, the smaller executive airport, as planned. Got up at the reasonable hour of 7AM to leave for the airport at 8. She was already out basking in the sun waiting to be ridden over the few clouds scattered in the bue yonder.

The whole flight was basically uneventfull other than a few minor issues with the plane. Nothing that can’t wait to be fixed by an MRO at final destination.
This, for me at least, test flight mainly had the purpose of finding out what kind of performance I’ll be able to get. You can plan all you want but every plane has it’s own character. I got the non-GAMI equipped injectors to run the 550 smoothly very near peak on the lean side, which is no problem according to the POH. It gave me a fuel use of 11.5-12 GPH at a TAS of around 160 at FL120. Not bad! This means that all the goals set during pre-planning using 15 GPH are easily achieved by her.

With this knowledge I took the time to figure out the GNS480 and other instruments. The GNS480 is less intuitive then its more recent brothers but its still a solid piece of equipment.

Approach vectored me quite high but nothing a lowered gear and a few extra track miles couldn’t solve. I made a nice long landing since I had plenty of runway to do it on.

IMG_20151021_090016IMG_20151021_095252IMG_20151021_095256IMG_20151021_095301IMG_20151021_121552 IMG_20151021_121545


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