Maribor – Slovenia


The start of my trip. Arrived in the dark on a rainy day but it looks like I brought good weather in my suitcase. This afternoon should bring me my first experience in the Bonanza. Knowing the IO-550 quite well I’m sure this version wrapped in an even nicer package than the 210 should be no problem to me. Very excited!


We (the instructor, the agent and me) ended up doing 3 circuits in Maribor. The plane flew exactly like I expected. Good engine, nice handling. Feels like a glider with 300HP 😛 Didn’t take many photos but I did try out the new suction mount and it worked pretty nice for the AEE action cam. Ill try to include the video here soon if I can get it downsized and uploaded.


3 thoughts on “Maribor – Slovenia

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  2. Nice blue sky. Enjoy testing the Bonanza.


  3. On the way to the airport now.


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