Crossing the pond 1.0 – My first trans Atlantic ferry in a single engine


As usual, it all started with an ambition. After having to leave my job flying the Cessna 210 in Namibia, which I loved, I was in search of a next adventure. Preferably an adventure for which I would not have to relocate and struggle to support my family. Jobs at my current level were far away from home and low paid, unless one could get into a national carrier.

Anyway, the options were limited. Worst case I could stay home and combine some tourist flying and instruction with a normal 9 to 5. Best case I find a job flying contracts in Africa so I can work from home. Most of those jobs require a type rating and hours on type however.

I went to Canada with my wife to check out the job market and immigration process in person. We found that the job market is quite ok, if you are a Canadian. I did not get offered a job on the spot, allthough a few companies expressed interest. I also did not go to the most remote regions. Partly because I didn’t have the time and money to spend and partly because I (we) don’t want to live in a place that is freezing cold most of the year for mediocre pay at best.
A second way for me to get in to Canada was to do an instructor course and teach at the school after completing (which is allowed on a student visa) and all the while work at the Mc Donalds or similar to keep the money coming. Sort of…
In Calgary we visited some organisations that provide assistance to immigrants and frankly they were not of much help. You really do need to find a job first and for that you need a passport or residence as a pilot. It would have been easier to settle if my wife took the lead and became a registered nurse, but to get that status there is a year of school to do.

So we went home and I started doing the former option.

In the summer of 2014, I had started an instructor course. It should have been finished in 4 weeks but for several reasons it got delayed. That is a long story in itself.
Throughout the year I did flights for tourists which in summertime gave me up to 15 hours a month but it was more daytime SEP flying, which I don’t need anymore.
I also joined a company that offers fractional ownership of a Cirrus, yet never flew for them until this day.
In these dark winter days I was watching a lot of TV and one of the shows was ‘Dangerous Flights’. What I saw when I looked past all the drama seemed like a varied job with a lot of responsibility and planning. Flying across oceans and continents in small planes; a lot more interesting than flying Brussels – Paris 5 times a week. But of course everything has good and bad sides to it.
In any case, ferry flying definately got my attention again.


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