CYFB – CYYR – CYYY check

Woke up to a beautifull day. The ice looked low enough to fly over and so it was. I punched a few clouds to see and was glad to find some minor rime icing.
I set her up for economy cruise in winds pushing us back 20 knots but in the last 2 hours of the 5h10m flight we got some very nice tailwinds. I came down on goose bay with a stunning 180 knots in the descent! She only used 230 litres on that loooong flight. Amazing.
The second flight was a race against the clock. 40 knot headwinds did not help at all. I set her up for performace cruise at KTAS 150 knots. Made it 5 minutes before closing time after a ‘Stuka’ descent after being vectored way too high.

Time for some rest after another 8 hours. Total trip time is almost exactly 32 hours.
I hope to be in Charlotte, Missouri tomorrow!

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