Ah yes!

The blog.

Long overdue again.

July was very busy with flying and giving long briefings for the FI course. All went well and I was having a great campout at the flight school, until…

About three weeks in. Suddenly we were presented with a contract and a bill. If we didnt pay by the next day, we were not allowed to continue any longer.
Sounds logical, I know. The problem was we were trying to get that contract to include some of our conditions (eg training approved in belgium, choice of examinor,…) for weeks already. And until we didnt get a proper contract, we wouldnt pay.

So we read the contract that was given us and we notice the agreed price was about the same, BUT, no VAT included. So in essence, the price went up 20%!
Obviously we didnt want to sign or pay anything. A whole week passed by before we were able to get them to meet with us. We made it clear we are happy with the trainin but we cant agree to a unilateral price increase. We made a few suggestions to solve the problem and left wih a positive feeling.

It took another full week before we got a stunning reply; training dismissed and fees due must be paid immediately or there will be a court case (which is still a real threat in europe 😉 ).

So we went over our options and were left with only one, go to a lawyer. Fortunately he confirmed our expectation that we really have a strong case on them. However we still want to compromise and continue training. We had the lawyer send out a letter stating all the facts and also challenging them to go to court if the matter doesnt get resolved quickly.

Funny enough earlier that day, before meeting with our lawyer, an email came from the school that they were willing to go 50/50 and continue training.

So now we are still waiting for a reply (its weekend, not that a buisiness should care). I really hope that it will be positive. We would be admitting to blackmail basically but the costs and time loss coming from a law suit is just not worth it. We lost 3 weeks already and the 1st of next month I start working again, so only weekends left!

So once again, cross your fingers for me!


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