Theory FI, check!

After a long week of lessons in French, yes French, we finally finished the purely theoretical part.

Actually there are a lot more classroom lessons coming but in the form of a ‘Long briefing’, meaning a 40 minute teaching session to a fictive audience. Normally these mornings will be followed by a short briefing (20’) in the hangar followed by a flight in the afternoon. On poor days we can also do our 5 hors in the sim, or more briefings (the latter please!)…

I’m camping out here at the school. I’ve pitched our (I share stuff) tent just behind the classroom where I can prepare my briefings without any distractions in the eveing hours after cooking a simple meal at the end of the training.
It’s asking a sacrifice of my wife again but we agreed that this course is the last resort to my flying career and who knows what it may lead to. On top of that it’s fun to do and I feel like I will grow as a person by setting aside my ‘stagefright’ and becoming more confident towards strangers.

Anyway, next week we should start flying and obviously I’m really looking forward to try some theoretical principles in practice!


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