Entry check, check

We spent all day flying after a short briefing on the DA40D. I only flew around 13L when the turbulence started coming and there was a nice x-wind.
Its a cozy little airfield with a tower and very ‘friendly’ (read no) security. It feels very homey!

Eric, the instructor, took me west to do some basic stuff to test my accuracy. After satisfying that we did a forced landing and a flapless.

He was pleased and we start the ground school on Monday.
They offer a room in a castle but even for a long term basic one its quite expensive. I decided to pitch a tent in the yard and camp out for the weekdays. Should be fun to camp out under the wing of a Vickers Viscount 😉

The course will partially be in French because they haven’t translated the whole course yet. This will prove challenging but I’m confident we will make it work. Plus it’s a very good way to sharpen up my French speaking skill 😉

I’m very excited to get started!


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