Good news!

This Friday I will be doing the entry check for the flight instructor training.

Basically this is another checkide during which they also check your ‘natural ability’ to teach. I hope it will be sufficient! Then again, I teach my kids new stuff every day so I have some practice

On another subject, it looks like I’ll be flying a P210 every now and then as a safety pilot (except on empty legs). Problem is this machine is registered in America so I have to get my EASA IF renewed and validate my then CPL IR for FAA.
I’m looking at 2 sim sessions and one IFR flight with instructor, not too bad after 4 years. It wil actualy be good fun to fly IF again, not on a computer.

I’ve also scheduled myself for the ‘Foreign Instrument Pilot’ FAA exam at FlighSafety at Le Bourget in Paris. First available date though was the 21st of August.
Then all I need is the medical and I can request my FAA validation and go fetch it in Frankfurt. A bit of a hassle but I really need some IF time and this sound like the opportunity to do that.

So I’m looking at a summer with more flying than I expected when I left Namibia. I’m just hoping that all my investments will pay off some day.


One thought on “Good news!

  1. ofcourse they will, de aanhouder wint !


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