Flight Instructor course: delayed :-(

2 days before our starting date I learned that the flight school does not have official approval to train Belgian students.
It seems like a load of bullcr*p, with all of us supposedly being EASA, but I guess every country can still have their own set of rules. Europe or not.

I have been looking at a flight school in Jerez, Spain to do it. It’s a fast 4 week course and of course they claim to be professional and experienced, but how do I really know? Spending 10 000 EUR is not something I can take lightly. The owner didn’t seem to keen on giving out references and that is not a very good sign.

Anyway, if I can do the course here in France I found another partner who is willing to do it full-time as well, opposed to the original group. If we can team up and do it full time together it could be done in 5 weeks and as some of you might know, that is very quick for an FI rating!

Next week I should know what I’m going to do, or rather, what i CAN do.

I’ve also been invited to do some initiation flights this summer for a former CPL co-student who now owns her own company and aircraft. At least that will keep me flying whatever happens and in the end that is still what’s most important to me!


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