No visa No glory

Time to try again.

I was writing a very long very detailed post las week, but just as I finished the power cord of my laptop fell out (I don’t keep the battery in for long use). So yeah it took another week after that.

Long story short, Canada is a great place. Modern cities, (mostly) friendly people, good food and (n)ice scenery. Hell, even the beer isn’t bad

So basically I went through with the trip without a working visa to see what Alberta is like to live in and where most jobs are.

Calgary is where all the bush pilots end up after years of experience up north. No real chances there for a 1000 hr guy. Edmonton is better already, one company was at least interested. Same goes for Saskatoon.

My problem is the pay is very low so I would have the same issues I had in Namibia (not able to support a family).
My wife can work too for sure but only after doing a 1 year conversion course.
In short its all very possible but you really have to plan on going there a long time and make ends meet for a couple of years. Unless your’ single.

In any case it was a fun trip and worthwhile to see Alberta (I’d say Canada, but you know..) for ourselves before just diving in with a family.

In the end I decided to persue another career path in my home country. I’m kinda getting tired of being a foreigner 😀


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