Looks like I’ll have to change the blogs’ name!

Since I’ve decided to stay In Belgium.

A former instructor of mine started up his own PPL school while I was flying around in Africa, starting with 5 students.
Today he has 26 in class and he is the only one to instruct them so far. He asked me (and 3 other guys) to do the instructor rating and come work for him.

A lot of young pilots go instructing straight after flight school. I always felt like I needed more experience myself before going on to instructing other people.
So now, having a 1000 hours, I do feel more comfortable with instructing.
This and the prospect of an actual job after getting the rating persuaded me to go through with it.

I found a part time job (about 24 hours a week) that’s pretty chill and perfect to combine with instructing.
I’m also looking forward to going into self-employment and learning about all that comes with it.

So the 13th the 3 others and myself will be heading to EPAG at Merville for the first 10 days of the course in one block.
After that 14 more days and it should be over with.



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