Oh Canada!!

Almost time! We are just about packed and I found a couple of places to stay through couchsurfing. It will be a first for us, like many other things on this trip.

We rented a car for 3 weeks and there isn’t much of a plan really except for visiting as many hospitals and airports as we can. We don’t even know where we are going to sleep for a lot of nights 😉

This should be a real adventure 😀

The flight back from Namibia went really smooth with the kids sleeping almost the whole way. We did however have a tough time trying to get to the train station at FRA with all those tiny elevators. Luckily we were still well in time to catch the high speed train 90 minutes later.

We celebrated our oldest 2nd birthday yesterday and are lookig forward to board the plane to Calgary!

So excited to see what Canada has in store for us!!!


3 thoughts on “Oh Canada!!

  1. Take a tent with you or rent one, since you have a car rented, you’ll always find a shamba to sleep…


  2. Good luck.. have enjoyed the stories. You will be back in Africa some time to be sure.


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