Here come the ‘lasts’

Last time out of Ongava airstrip today, last overnight in Andersson Camp done.

It was a magnificent day, packed with 6 and a half hours of flying. When I finally got to camp, I found out there were no guests to entertain. Perfect.
A quick dip in the pool and then relax while watching the huge storms build in the glowing orange sunset with a cold one at hand.
After dark we were treated with some amazing lightning at a stunning rate.

Today was an early wakeup for a 7 AM departure in perfectly still, cool air.

I updated my logbook and as of today I’m at 951 hours flight, togheter with my sim pushing me well over 1000 hours!

The last 3 days will take me to say goodbye at Damaraland Camp and Sera Cafema (provided the schedule doesn’t change) supplying me with another 10+ hours.

Everything happened so fast after deciding to pack things up here. I’m curious to see what the next few months have in store for me!

Looks like I’ll have to change the blogs’ name, any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Here come the ‘lasts’

  1. Suggestions ? B***kaptein (est)


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