Where did the days go?

That long again, wow.

The end of Jan was pretty busy and so was the beginning of Feb. A lot of pilots went on leave so I did about 60 hours in those 4 weeks.
All went well until the 13th (until that day my lucky number) where I made some decisions that te company was not happy with. Unfortnately I can’t go into detail.
Anyway, I’m back in the air as from today and I’m starting with 4 overnights again, that’s due to low season when there are not enough flights to get us back to Windhoek every day.
I’m not complaining, but you should hear the wife

Luckily we were able to make a quick family trip to check out the cheetah capital of the world, Otjiwarongo. We make a short but interesting hike up the Waterberg Plateau Park and the next day paid a visit to the Crocodile ‘Ranch’ (rather farm) and the CCF (www.cheetah.org), followed by 2 hours of screaming babies on the long 4 hour trip back.
Some days I wonder why we have kids, but then I’m quickly reminded


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