Double one actually. On the morning of the 11th I gladly got up early to meet my wife and sons at the plane.
The evening before we had some stress because of problems with immigration (emigration??) at Frankfurt airport. Their tickets were booked for 4 months and I wasn’t able to get any kind of paper from my side that they are allowed to stay longer than 90 days. Long story actually but in the end we had to rebook the flight to 90 days and they were good to go.

So anyway, I was sitting on the edge of te parking bay at FYWH (WDH) for about 15 minutes when I saw the sparking new Air Namibia A332 turning final aproach. Great feeling! Unfurtuately their flight wasn’t so smooth, not due the airline or the weather but the babies… Brent soon forgot about it though and was ‘wooow’-ing away at the planes and fire trucks.
Another setback inside the terminal when we noticed 1 of the suitcases didn’t come along on the flight (direct flight btw ?!). Second time in a row for my wife as well…

So now my days are filled again with all the stuff a little kid and a baby bring along. It’s actually quite similar to flying; monitor the situation, rectify any problems, analyse anomalies and clean up after take-off and landing. Haha.
My wife and I can call ourselves lucky when we get 1 hour of free time over noon and before going to bed, but we know what we signed up for. It’s amazing how much joy a child of your own can bring.

So yeah, this was a flying blog right? I’ve been out of a work visa (and so license validation, and so work) since the 13th of January (yes the applications were submitted well in advance) because well, suffice it to say, the holidays take a toll on how the government operates. Today I had the glad news that the visas arrived and we should be able to get the validations done on Monday to probably fly on Tuesday, or Monday afternoon, fingers crossed.


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