December ended without any special flights but quite busy. Total for the month clocked off at +- 55 hours flying right up until the 31st. Most flights went uneventfull except for one cargo flight to Cafema where after landing there was nobody to be seen at the strip, except for a local Himba farmer… I waited about 1 hour and decided to start up and fly over the camp, leaving the frozen cargo in the shade, but still at 40 °C. Halfway there, following the road at low level, I saw the car coming my way so I turned back.
There were also some thunderstorms around during the whole month but none of them really got in the way. One day, returning from Geluk, there was one huge one directly in my path about 80km from Windoek, but easily flown around with some descending. Reports at the airport were also quite bad and it even closed for a while as I was en-route, but by the time I got there the West (where I was coming from) opened up nicely. With this kind of wheather you just have to fly and see how far you get, and have a safe alternate. Usually it all works out quite nicely.

Am looking back at 2013 with great accomplishments. Started off great by getting offered a bush flying job after the interview in Jan in Windhoek. The next month we found out we were expecting our second boy, in May I got married to my beautifull fiancee and I left for Namibia and well, you know the rest.

I was lucky enough to get the first 2 days of the year off so I was able to have a nice long night and meet lots of new people. The day after we chilled at a house friends of mine were ‘sitting’ playing PC games all day.

I was supposed to fly to a new lodge today, Canon Lodge, and also my first flight to the south further than Keerweder, but sadly it got cancelled yesterday. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get there sometime.

Tomorrow it’s a 6:15 departure to Geluk and Ongava via Windhoek, and back. Like I said before, getting up that early hurts a little sometimes (probably even more after these three long sleep in mornings) but I really love flying in the morning. No turbulence and no thunderstorms.

Happy New Year to all my readers and I hope everyone gets a little closer to their own dreams! I see that you are trying for sure, because Windhoek is flooding with ‘jobhunters’. Good luck out there and a splendid 2014!


2 thoughts on “2014!!

  1. Told you before = every plane should have a HOOT


  2. Your enthusiasm is wonderful. Keep up the great attitude and fly safe. I wish you the best in pursuing you aviation goals. As a veteran US major airline pilot, I thoroughly enjoy your flying stories and look forward to more. And I signed the giraffe petition!


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