Looks like it’s time for an update

Phew, what a month November has been. By the looks of it I chose the right, or the wrong, time to take leave, depending on how you look at it. From the 17th to the end I flew about 43 hours, including 6 days of not flying!

The last week of November brought some good rains to Namibia. The country is getting patches of fresh green from Damaraland and Etosha down to Sosssvlei. The area in front of Andersons Camp even has grass again, something that looks quite off when one is used to dry grey dust. Unfortunately I have not stayed there since so I dont have any pictures.
The thunderstorms posed for my camera in the sunset orange and left me in awe for the power and beauty of nature.

December started very slow. Many days of standby, just lying in my couch watching series. But I can’t complain, my wife is battling with our 2 kids back home.

After almost a week of chilling I finally got to do my OPC after it was moved twice due to circumstances. I was a bit nervous, naturally, but I did everything nearly perfect so it was a solid pass.
The day after I went flying for 4 days but with limited flying hours totaling to about 12. Could be worse still 🙂 The last day I had the butterfish at Kucki’s pub and let’s just say that, although it is a very good fish, I’ll never eat it again…

Now I have another 3 standby days but that is being well made up for. They are sending me to Livingstone on the 19th! I’m staying the night too so I hope I have some time to visit the Vic Falls after I get there after the long, boring, 4 hour flight straight from Eros. I’ll definitely get some nice shots so stay tuned for that 🙂


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