Long days

Today I get to hang out on my couch and watch some series (and clean the house, cook and study…) after a long week. I was planning on doing that yesterday afternoon but just as I drove home the office called. One of our planes had a flat in Mokuti and I had to pick up an engineer together with a jack and a new tyre to get it replaced. Altough I was looking forward to some chill-out time, 3 hours extra in the logbook is always welcome.
The tyre change was done in half an hour so it wasn’t long till we were back on track for Windhoek. When we arrived there were thunderstorms east and northwest of Windhoek which looked menacing, with lightning striking left, centre and right but the weren’t all that serious. There was a hole in the curtains of rain and as we broke through I saw Eros airport waiting for us in the clear. Happy days.

The few days before that were also filled with some great flying and good logbook time. The past 6 days were good for about 25 hours of flying which equals about 2 years of self-funded flying at the local Belgian flying club.

Also had 2 ‘firsts’ this week. Operatig from our ‘revamped’ airstrip at Doro Nawas which recently opened and yeserday flying with the refurbished and partially rebuilt V5-VUL.
Doro Nawas is now a much longer strip in mint condition with a big parking area, nice concrete pads and lines to tie our ladies down. The old refuelling container from Palmwag with it’s electric pump (once it’s running) will be a nice change from taking our juice out of the drum, even if the staff usuall works the handpump Being centrally located (in Damaraland) and well equipped this will be our new main operating base outside of Eros. At the lodge they’re also building a new pilot house with 2 big rooms and a communal area. I’m hoipng we can put a pool table or something fun like that.
V5-VUL looks like a new Cessna 210. Something I have only seen in my dreams, the fact being that I’m younger than most 210’s. Nice new leather seats, carpets, a stunning (yet fake) dark-wooden panel, digital EGT/CHT/FF monitor, GNS430, brand new windows, good padding of the doors and windows (so no ventilation where there actually aren’t any ventilation holes…), etc etc Too bad it ‘only’ has an IO-520 instead of our usual 550 but oh well, you won’t hear me complaining!

On the schedule I see next week is filled already, including my OPC (Operational Proficiency Check) and December is looking very busy aswell with up to 6 pilots being on leave at the same time. That sounds promising for some good hours!

I also made some more stunning pictures out in the bush so stay tuned and watch the gallery for when I get the chace to upload them.


One thought on “Long days

  1. Looks like you are busy! Nice!
    I’m waiting for more pictures!
    I’m flying here in Brazil, as advertising pilot, the Cessna 170.
    We made this video last year, if you want to know more about it!


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