What a first day!

Got myself to the airport nice and early for a 9AM departure, but alas, due to some last minute swaps I took of 15 minutes late. Not too bad, but it’s nearly impossible to catch up during a busy day like this.
I dropped my four pax at Geluk and flez the 5 full minutes over to Sossusvlei Lodge. From there a nice scenic over the coast took us over all te sght in a crisp dar blue sky with vibrant red dunes and a soft white patch of fog alng th coast here and there. The Edward Bolan was lying just o the edge of the fog illustrating the the ver reason why so may ships struck shore alon the Namibian coast. The pax truly enjoyed the flight and that is always a nice thing to hear.
After loading up with some cheap Swakopmund fuel we went on to Twyfelfntein where I had to do a go-arond due to a herd of cows that crossed, entered and walked along the side of the runway. Another short 5 minute hop over to Doro Nawas to pick up 4 guest for Windhoek and the end of the da was already in sight. It was a pleasant surprise to see 4 Belgian people. I could brief them in Dutch (Flemish, whatever) and have a nice chat. Of course they were interesed why I came here so once again I told my life story
So after 5 hours of flying I’m back in my couch with a slice of pizza and not really looking forward to ironing my shirts for tomorrow, and the 4 days after that…


3 thoughts on “What a first day!

  1. I’m really happy that you are back, writing again about Africa, and at the same time sad that you already said goodbye to your “new” part of the family! This part really encourages me to go there and try! Congratulations for new baby, and for your will to fly and make your dreams come true.

    Looks like you are having fun with all those scenic flights!
    Have a nice week, fly safe!


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