Wow. What an intense homecoming. Just as I expected.
I got very little sleep sitting upright in the tiny seat for 10 hours plus the “nice” airplane food got to me a bit.
But as I saw Brent all was forgotten quickly. Oh yeah, my mother was there to, haha (xxx). She drove us to my dear wife and newborn while we chatted and played away in he back.

After resting a bit we went downstairs for her grandmothers bday and introduced our son to everyone.
Brent was a joy throughout the day, it feels wonderfull to make him laugh again and it chocked me up when he brought teddy bears and toys to his tiny brother
while he was crying out out of misery because his dad needed to change him. Such a sweet and smart boy!
The night went by slow with Tiebe needing to drink every 2 hours, but luckely we slept a solid 4 and a half hours after 5 am.
Today was rapidly filled with eating, bathing, serving my wife, helpjng her shower, dressing the kids after driving to Ostend for my mothers’ birthday,
spending the evening with the whole family.
Re-arranged the living room a bit when we got back while waiting for Tiebe to wake up and drink before gojng to bed.


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