Busiest month so far!

Sadly the month started with saying goodbye to my beautifull wife and son. Seeing my little boy draw a lip and breaking into a cry just as he got in the plane put an instant crack in my hart and got the waterworks going with me as well, and I’m a cool frog.

But its not for so long, so I managed to suck it up, eventually…

Flying 11 days out of 14 surely helps. Im also moving to my new place so I barely have time to sit at home and sulk during my off days between doing laundry, shopping for furniture, making time to see friends and trying to relax aswell.

The first 2 weeks went by "as usual", if you call it that. I spent more days away from home than in Windhoek. Sleeping in stunning places takes a while to get old so I’m enjoying every night of it.

Not every day comes with a lot of flying though, some days only 1 or 2 hours, but any day I fly I consider a good day. Plus it saves me a lot of precious money as all this luxury and food is paid for. Better yet, Im paid for enjoying it!

The night of the 18th in Ongava Lodge was a memorable one with the coming of the first (albeit light) rain and lightning. It’s a special feeling when you experience the sound of thunder and the smell of rain for the very first time in an area where it is always highly anticipated.

The past few days a low pressure area over Namibia provided the first real rain of the season. Thunderstorms swept over Sera Cafema (an area where there hasn’t been real rain for years) and from central Namibia all the way down to Keetmanshoop and even Swakopmund and Sossusvlei. The only place that had to miss the rains was Etosha and the north-east.

This morning I took off in barely VFR conditions but was just able to maintain the horizon after clearing the mountains south-west of Windhoek. From there on, all the way to Sossusvlei Lodge it was rain, rain and more rain. Im curious to see the lush green bush next week! More pictures to follow. The summer is really coming now and it looks like it will be a very wet one!

So all in all a busy and eventfull month. We also hired a new (Namibian) pilot so for all the jobseekers out there, we are not looking to hire any time soon. But you never know.

Tomorrow Im off to a lodge that is new to me; Okahirongo Elephant Lodge. Apparently the "strip" is marginally visible, short, sloped, made in soft sand and is located right next to a 2000ft mountain so it should prove to be interesting!

Be sure to keep checking for new pics here and videos on my youtube channel (MKA742). If you want me to accept you as friend on facebook please leave a message otherwise I ignore you.

Fly safe chaps and for who doenst fly yet, fly soon!


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