Nice and cool at Hartmanns Valley this morning.
A layer of clouds provided some nice (legal) low flying and stunning scenery!


3 thoughts on “Hartmanns

  1. Hey,
    You have some really good pictures, I’m also enjoying all the useful information, it’s a good reading, and it’s great to know that you did it even away from your family! (I’m single, no kids)
    I read a lot about Botswana and Namibia, I’m going there in March 2014. It would be good to get to know someone that is living the dream!

    I’m really looking forward to get there!! I promise I won’t bother you with a lot of questions! (lol) I’m a good student, did a lot of reading about that, but it would be very good to have some updated information about job opportunities, and the general situation of hiring expat pilots.
    Namibia seems the place where I’m going to end, since hiring season of Botswana will be over by March, as far as I read March seems a good month to go to Namibia, do you agree?


    • Hi Gabriel,

      Thx. I know I’m a bit lazy with updates. I’ll try to write one soon 😛

      Once you are here I would be glad to have a beer with you or whatever.

      As for hiring season, in Namibia there is not really a defined one. Generally December and January are the best months, but when operators need someone, they will hire. It all comes down to right time, right place.


      • Ok thanks!
        I think I’ll have to take the risk!
        At the moment Im working in Brazil, as a advertising pilot, towing, over the beaches of São Paulo. And the season ends at March, first week.

        I’ll wait for the updates, and you wait for those beers!!


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