Wow, has it been this long already!

Time flies when your having fun. This last half of August has been really busy. I thought it was before but wow. Flying is finally starting to feel like a job to me now. Even when I when I was here the first time I only flew 3 days in a row every now and then.

Today I finished day 6 of flying and Im actually glad to not be flying tomorrow. Thats a new sensation for me.

Last weekend was my off weekend and we went down to Swakopmund. We drove past the Spitzkoppe and went to Henties Bay to check out the ‘visfees’ or fish feast. Not much seemed to be going on, or we were looking in the the wrong places, so we went to Swakop.

Walking around there brought back a lot of memories from my time with Scenic Air. The beach, having pizza at the saloon, a beer at the Lighthouse or even just shopping at Pick and Pay. I never thought I’dd be doing those things with a wife and son. Life is full of suprises 🙂

This past week Ive been staying all over Namibia again; from Sossusvlei (Little Kulala) to Hartmanns Valley (Sera Cafema) to Ongava (Anderson Camp). Went on a nature drive with the guests near Sossusvlei and witnessed another stunning African sunset while drinking a glass of wine and chatting to a former 747 Cathay Pacific captain. A rare sighting was seeing a fowl chow down a big scorpion.

The next day we saw some Brown chested snake eagles while driving to the camp as well as a group of Meerkats which are new to the extremely dry, desolate area.
Yesterday I flew over to Maun for the first time. Dispite cruising a nice 175 knots its still a long way to go. The whole area is flat, dry and monotonous except for the border fence which stretches for hundreds of miles on either side.

Maun was very busy but I had no issues going straight-in for runway 08 with an Airvan cutting in 2 miles in front. Ops normal 🙂
The flight back was obviously even longer doing barely 145 knots so it took me 3 full hours instead of 2:15. Good hours for 2 legs though!

Finally, today took me up to Okonjima again (Africat foundation). As I was backtracking the strip at 15 knots a cheetah was running, wel walking leisurely for him, alongside the wing.

So tomorrow I’m off and taking the wife to a doctor so he can give her the go-ahead to fly out to Belgium again. Can’t believe how fleeting these past 3 months have gone by…

Anyway, a lot going on here so bear with me until the next update. I will updats the gallery with some new pictures soon!


One thought on “Wow, has it been this long already!

  1. glad you are enjoying lif 🙂 Keep goin’


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