Enjoying life as a line pilot

On my last rotation I flew a Westair-leased C210. She has a fuel selector different to all our own aircraft.
The morning after leaving her overnight on the Palmwag parking area, I found her with fuel dripping out the left wing drain. The opposite tank was already almost half empty; 70 litres of fuel was gone!
Then I found the fuel selector has an off position when turned towards the tail. The fuel stopped dripping a few minutes after that. This solution isnt anywhere in the manual. Strange.
So once again a good lesson learned by being in the field.

The rest of the 2 day trip went just perfect. There were very strong winds in Sossusvlei again but luckily they were in the runway direction.

Today Im off, so time for another cycle in the bush. Last Sunday we did a 45 km cycle with 1480m climb! After arriving at the dam I was hapy to just have beers, braai and try to catch some fish… alas.

Tomorrow starts another 4 days of flying with 2 overnights. Curious what Im going to learn this time…


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