Smooth trip back

Except for a rough running left magneto at Rhino Camp. When I heared the engine huffing and puffing and skipping strokes I automatically assumed the worst. I called maintenance after flying over to Palmwag to get cell reception and he had the bright idea to clean the spark plugs. Duh! The stuff you don’t think of when your out of the game for 2 years. So anyway, full power on the brakes (wow!), lean the mixture all the way and voila. Problem solved.

That night on my bed in Sera Cafema, after some rediculusly delicious Oryx fillet in mushroom sauce, I tried to set myself up for a few episodes of Scrubs on my tablet. Only to discover that one of the earbuds of my pretty expensive Panasonic in-ear headphones was missing. Sigh. Turns out that a mouse probably chewed through the tiny cable and took it while it was lying on my bed in Damaraland Camp. Lesson learned!

The next day 2 of the 4 guests decided to pay extra so I could fly them to Ongava before going back to Rhino Camp, even though they accepted the opposite the night before…
But anyway, after a busy hour of re-planning we were on our way with the 210 crammed full with 3 large duffel bags, 3 trolleys, 4 pieces of hand lugage, 5 people and 3 hours worth of fuel. Amazing what that little 4000 pounder plane can do! And all that at a comfortable 155 knots.

The climb was really smooth without any turbulence so I was hoping it would stay like that… alas. From FL095 to landing at Rhino Camp it was bumpy.
Lucky for me the ride home alone couldnt have been better. Smooth skies and a good 30 knot tailwind pushed me home to my waiting family at 185 knots with the setting sun in my tail…

Man it’s lekka to be back!


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