Memorable first working day!

After taking off nicely on time from Eros for Geluk, I was informed of a shedule change over the radio. However I neglected to write it down. After landing at Geluk, where the east wind was pumping with 25-35 knots, I checked my SMS’s and the only one I got was that I am supposed to sleep at Doro Nawas instead of flying over to Rhino Camp empty to sleep there. So I continued the flight to Doro, not knowing a second second SMS was sent (to confirm the radio’d message) that never came through.
After landing they told me I wasn’t expected. I kind of got a clue when I radio’d the guide and he said he was waiting at Damaraland Camp, but I thought I’dd stick to my SMS. Anyway, turned out I was supposed to land at Damaraland and sleep there 🙂 ****
Luckily it’s only a 5 minute flight there. The guests were not mad and we were able to have a laugh about it. To me it just stressed the importance of thourough communication.
From now on I’m writing everything down and call the office instead of relying on SMS’es… Lesson learned!

Today I’m off to the new runway (bit big to be called a strip!) at Hartmanns’ Valley after picking up @ guests at Rhino Camp and refueling @ Palmwag. I’m excited to see whats it’s like. From the pictures it looks like you can land a 737 there 😛


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