Quiet days

Last fliht was a quick one to Geluk and back. It was a late afternoon flight so after passing the Khomas mountains it was a smooth flight.
The air over the normally very hot sands was only a suprising 12 degrees. Brr!

That was the 27th already. Time flies. No flights any more since then but tomorrow I have to be at the airport at 5:30 for a short flight to Sossuvlei Mountain Lodge. If all goes well we will be airborne 15 minutes before sunrise at the crack of dawn.

Getting up that early is tuff but the scenes and smooth air will make up for it. I love to fly early.

Im curious to see the temperature this time, should be even colder! Ill probably be flying with my fleece and jacket on. Not very common!


One thought on “Quiet days

  1. come fly in Kenya, temperatures along the coast are much better 🙂


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