Arrived at Okahirongo

The flights went quite smooth. Not too many glitshes from my side. I should have taken the time to write down some frequenties, but I find that ATC is a good resource for such things. None the less, its on my list.
We picked up 2 guests and their private guide at Swakop after an empty flight from Eros. They had a lot of lugage, but luckily space was a bigger issue than the weight.
Halfway through the 2 hour flight to the lodge, Wayne switched off the GPS and I had to rely on my maps from 1992. Its very difficult to find your way. The maps are not so accurate so my best shot was time an heading. I thought I had the right river (the lodge is next to Hoarusib) at one point but according to the navlog we still had 15 minutes to go, and we had a head wind all the way. So I plowed on for a bit until the next big river and that turned out to be it.

There is only one way into the strip because of terrain and slope. I found myself too high an too fast on the first approach so I went around and gave it another try. The second approach was much better and I landed a bit down the runway because of the tailwind but no biggie. I was amazed how soft the runway was. We were swaying from left to right and stopped fast in the deep sand. Then I needed to add quite a bit of power to just reach the parking space.

All in all it was a great first flight. I learnt a lot and started remembering stuff as I flew along. There are also some things I need to brush up and study some more. Wayne gave me a good exercise and a lot to think about and remember.

Man it feels good to be in the sky again!


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