Stuck ~What a life

Flying observer in “The Black Widow” tomorrow down to Sossusvlei. Getting up at 4:30AM, with pleasure!
I love the Cessna Twin’s, but have never flown in one.
Now I will maybe get to do some cruise flying and radio work in it. Let’s see if I change my mind…
Nothing quite like a quiet early morning at a cool Sossusvlei Lodge, Namibia.
Just landed with our C404 picking up the last 2 pax before heading back to Windhoek.
I wish I flew this awesome powerfull machine… (see Photo’s)
We were supposed to be back in Eros tonight after flying :
Eros – Sossusvlei Lodge – Swakop – Dora Nawas and sleeping at Palmwag yesterday.
However, after the legs Palmwag – Ongava – Serra Cafema, the flaps did not want to retract after landing.
We are now ‘stuck’ at Sera Cafema, one of the most remote places in Namibia on the Angolan border.
There is no cellphone reception and no-one living in this barren land for hundreds of kilometers
(except the Himba population). Now I have to endure the splendid scenes, the magestic
Kunene river and the typical Wilderness hospitality.

What a life!


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