Chill sunday

Wow. It’s nice to be able to sleep without barking dogs waking you up at 2 AM!

Yesterday I moved from the place in Cimbebasia to my new, bigger room in Klein Windhoek. Here I have the space to receive my family and I have a nice desk to work on my tests, study manuals and just relax in front of my laptop. I spent the evening organising my room and I felt right at home.

Today I put togheter my mountainbike and all seems to have survived the long trip in the cargo bay quite well! In the afternoon I went to view a car and I was immediately in love. It’s a well kept Toyota RAV4 from 1996. The perfect light 4×4 suited for both daily life and exploring the vast Namibian bushveld. Again I have to give credit to Justin for finding this jem with a mild price in the expensive Namibian car market…

In the evening I went for a braai at his place and as usual the meat was perfect and delicious. I treated the guys to some Belgian beers (Brugge Tripel) and champagne to celebrate my wedding.

Another succesfull day in beautifull and sunny Namibia! I’m totally ready for another week of work!


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