Finally here

The flight went super smooth. After a last beer in Brussels I went trough to the gate and watched my plane arrive from Munich on flightradar24.

I had some Chinese in Munich while waiting an hour for my next flight. I was lucky enough to get an emergency exit seat (see pictures) with ample leg room and the seat next to me was empty as well. I was able to catch some sleep and that really sped things up.
The flight to Windhoek was one hour after my arrival, I only had to wait 5 minutes until boarding started again.

The people I’m staying with were waiting for me and after some hassle to get out the parking lot we were on the way to Windhoek. Finally.
That afternoon I slept some more and in the evening we had dinner a friends house. We got home quite late, but the dogs kept me from sleeping for a while anyway. When everything went quiet I slept like a baby until the sun woke me at 6:45. The eatly daylight hours will take some getting used to but thats no biggy.

Now I’m off to my employer, can’t wait to start flying!! Normally, the only thing I need to do is validate my license. But things might have changed. Let’s see…




2 thoughts on “Finally here

  1. Reblogged this on Monique & Rik & k-Kids and commented:
    Martijn is veilig aangekomen in Namibië.


  2. Heb je je fiets deze keer direct ?


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