Here I go!


The wedding was a huge succes! Our big day couldn’t go any better and the evening was just perfect. Nice food, open bar and dancing till 4 AM. I’m still enjoying it… I need to get used to that ring though, feels like something can fall out of my hands at any time 😀

Yesterday I got the good news that my work visa came trough in Namibia! That means I’ll be able to get flying straight away (after I get my license validated)!! I also said my goodbyes to my family in my home town Ostend and put my MTB in a box to take with.

I was so happy and excited about everything I couldn’t sleep after waking up at 6 AM so I decided to go downstairs and write this post 🙂 Only hours to go until I leave for ‘Nam’! If you want to track my flights, these are the flight numbers: SA7387 BRU – MUC, SA0265 MUC – JNB, SA0074 JNB – WDH.

Now off to some more packing!!!

Next post from Namibia!!! Yesss!!!!


One thought on “Here I go!

  1. you are not he only early bird 🙂 I thought about all kinds of things last night….


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