My last day as a ‘single’ man!

Tomorrow is the big day! Only now the nerves are getting to me a bit. The situation has changed a bit since last week. Now the weather won’t be as good as we hoped (read, rain!) tomorrow. But apparently that brings good luck! We’ll see!
In any case, everything is sorted out and we have the green light!

As far as Namibia goes, the people providing me accomodation changed their minds about letting the place on a monthly basis, thus I had to search for something else. I found something temporary but it is a bit too small to have my family come over, I’m afraid. I already got an offer of someone who wants to share. I would love to hear about places for rent aswell!
I guess I’ll find something when I get there, because these things are impossible to do ‘over the wire’.

I also have a fresh CPL to take with and I’m also very happy to say I got Level 6 on my ELP test! Set for life!

We have an exciting week and a bright future ahead! On to Saturday! Can’t wait to start at Wilderness Air!



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