Counting the days…!!!

ImageOur new life is just around the corner! Exactly 7 days to go before I become a husband and 10 days till I can finally get on the plane to Windhoek!
As you can see we are enjoying the last days toghether in Belgium, and we are ‘blessed’ with nice weather to do that. On the day of the wedding the weather will be nice and sunny too. It’s like the universe wants our plans to go through!

I still have to pack my bags though, even buy a suitcase 🙂 But that never takes me long. I already have a place to stay in Namibia as well so that is another worry less. Getting accomodation for a reasonable price in Windhoek is very difficult so I’m glad to say I have this sorted already.
I will also leave with a fresh EASA CPL and a level 6 ELP test to go with it!

Obviously I won’t have much time to write until I leave but you can expect regular updates 😉


2 thoughts on “Counting the days…!!!

  1. Hello,

    I am one of the new pilots, just starting up at Wilderness Air. I was just wondering if you will be looking for a place to stay in Windhoek; as I am looking for another pilot to room with.
    Cheers, and safe travels to Windhoek,



    • Actually I am still looking yes. But my wife and son (one year old) are visiting from June till September, so my roommate should be ok with that! Looking forward to meet you in any case 😉


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