Start the countdown!!

Ticket to Nam is booked! Leaving the 11 May, 3 days after our wedding, at 5:30PM. Needless to say I’m greatly looking forward to my life as a Wilderness Air pilot…

Since I’m back I have been doing all kinds of jobs, so far I’ve worked in a book store, moved fancy cars around in the port of Zeebrugge, handled bread in an industrial bakery, put togheter magazine and newspaper orders in a distribution center and currently I’m filling bags with sugar all day. So not very glorious. On top of that the weather has been shitty and will be shitty for weeks.

But still I feel like the happiest man on the word with my beautifull fiance, amazing little son and a bright future in Africa on the horizon!!Wilderness_C210_saturated


One thought on “Start the countdown!!

  1. Reblogged this on Monique & Rik & k-Kids and commented:
    Go for it son, we’ll come over for a braai !


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