I got the job!!! But…

I SMS’t the office around 3 PM to find out what was going on. They were in the middle of the meeting and put me on speaker phone. I passed all the stages of the interview and was offered employment. They asked me if I still had stuff to do before the wedding and if I didn’t cause any problems back home by staying here until a few days before it. I told them no, because most things are done already, but I could sense there was an issue somewhere. They asked me to come to the office.

Once there they explained the situation. The new guys would only start on 11th of March, still more than a month away. In the mean time I would have to wait for the visa aswell. And since I already have the C210 rating and experience I can’t do any training while waiting aswell. They proposed that I return to Belgium for now and come back after the wedding in May.
I was a bit suprised but after it sank in I could see the sense behind the reasoning. I guess it gives me the chance to earn some money instead of spending it here while not making any money. Plus they can request the work visa in the mean time (that can take a while…).

So that was that! I’m going back to Belgium for now, but with a signed job offer to start in May. I’m happy that I will see my family soon again, and I got an awesome job to look out to!

So for tonight I’m going to enjoy mountainbiking in the bushveld once more and have a nice braai afterwards with something to celebrate!!

My ticket back is on Friday and I’ll be home again by Saturday evening… This blog will stay online, but will be dormant until I prepare to go back to … where I am now.

So once again, stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “I got the job!!! But…

  1. Proficiat met de job.Well done


  2. Komt eigenlijk welgoed uit wo ! Heb je je ticket terug kunnen boeken vanuit een Nam IP ; See you soonx


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