Lazy, lazy, laz….

Saturday was nice. Justins girlfriend, Nadine, had het birthday party at Eagles. That is a bar on the outskirts of Windhoek, right next to Avis dam. We had some snacks and of course ‘draughts’ (half litre beers) and I met some interesting new people. Sitting opposite of me was a couple with a 6 month old boy. It immediately reminded me of my own little boy and how much I miss him. But it’s good to know we will see each other soon if all goes well.
After Eagles we went dancing at one of the night clubs, London. Good times! Windhoeks nightlife has not changed much. I love riding through the streets half-drunk (as a passenger) on warmsummer nights! Not that it happens that often

Sunday was a lazy (read boring) day, didn’t do much except go look for flats. Mission impossible to find an affordable furnished place in the nicer Windhoek area’s…

Monday was even quieter. I read a bit, swam and lay in my bed browsing the web and still looking for flats. Not a word from Wilderness…

This morning I sent the chief pilot an SMS because I started going mad. He told me they are ‘conviening’ tomorrow. I hope nothing comes between the meeting, they are quite busy, and I get the (good) news I’ve been hoping for.
The day went by slow again, but in the evening Justin called me to ask wether I wanted to go mountainbiking with him and Ryan (another Westair pilot).
He picked me up and we drove to Justin’s place, on a hillside in Windhoek West, where we started off. After a short ride we reached the bushveld on the opposite side of Avis dam across the airport road. Wow, Belgium is nothing compared to this. Alone in a vast area, steep climbs and rapid descents with jumps, avoiding big rocks and thornbush; quite the rush once you get the hang of it and let go! And all this with a beautifull backdrop off hills and dark clouds glowing a saturated sunset orange. Lekker!!

So tomorrow might be the big day, but I’m not going to get my hopes up, I know the way things roll here by now. So far an afternoon at the pool with cold beers and an evening braai of juicy beef steaks is on the program. In a nutshell, another great, averge day in Namibia!


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