Got the flight test this morning!;

I was sitting by the pool studying the manual once more this morning, when I received a call from Mark. He said the instructor who wanted to fly with me couldn’t reach me (?) and asked if I was fit to fly!

A minute later I got the call from Stephan and 20 minutes later I was at the airport. The plane we were going to fly was none other then V5-EMI, in which I did many many scenic flights from Swakop before. Symbology? Good omen?

The flight went well, I made a three pointer on the first landing because I did not trim up enough. It’s been 2 years since I’ve flown the beast so I think I can be forgiven for that Then we ment to do a flapless but because of traffic that didn’t work and the approach develloped into a go-around which I decided to do and I handled it well. After the go-around we did a forced from overhead and that too went well. I remembered the beast comes down like a brick with flaps 30… I had to sideslip because we were a bit high but didn’t have the guts to do it though, as I wasn’t sure wheter it was allowed, so Stephan showed me Just above the runway we took flap away and landed solidly on the runway and taxied off…

This afternoon I will be debriefed in the town office and I hope I will get the yes or no I’m waiting for. Unless they need to test fly everyone first, as there are still people in the process after me.

But anyhow, I have a good feeling about today!

After the flight I went to see Scenic Air, or whats left of it as I knew it. Janie is still her cherpy self and we had a good friendly chat. I bet she will love the chocolates I brought for her!

Good Old EMI

Good Old EMI


One thought on “Got the flight test this morning!;

  1. Rita de Buysscher

    hope you get the job … I ‘ll keep my fingers crossed .
    Rita from Kilifi Kenya


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