Still no news…

This morning I threw myself into the C210 manual once again in case I get to do the flight test. I have not heared any feedback so far but I heared via via that I did well in the interview. There were two Namibians interviewed as well but lucky for me they need more pilots than that

We went for lunch at SuperSpar, that place brings back a lot of memories from 2009!! Justin introduced me to two other pilots and so you quickly make new friends around here.

Back at the guesthouse I decided to take my bicycle out of the box and put it togheter. If I don’t get the job I will just sell it here, bicycles are quite expensive!
I’m keen to go mountainbiking with Justin and his friends one of these days, but they leave early, 5 AM!! Going mountainbiking during the day in summer is not really an option though…

In the mean time I’ve also kept a look out for a suitable place to stay if I get the job, which is a ‘mission’. Good places are gone as soon as the newspaper comes out early in the morning. But it’s just a matter of time though, all will work out in the end

Now I’m off to study some more and if I have some news, you will be the third to hear about it


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